GunShop Software includes Acquisition & Disposition (“Bound Book”) records management. An acquisition of a firearm in GS starts the life of a permanent association between a firearm acquisition (seller/distributor, cost/sell price, date, etc) and a “serial” record in the database (serial number, firearm, etc). The “serial” record has “serialTrx” records that provide a history of actions¬†(acquisition, layaway, sale, etc) taken against it over time. The date of the acquisition (month, day, year) and time (hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds) has served as a unique, sortable identifier.

In the latest release of GunShop Software you will notice a new (first) column on the “Bound Book” report. This is the “Seq” column and derives from a database sequence number assigned to the creation of that “serial” record mentioned above. I have made my long story about dates and milliseconds go away and replaced it with certainty all around – that the digital “Bound Book” entries are accurate,¬†permanent, and obviously ordered and specifically identifiable. An A&D record can now be identified by it’s sequence number.