I am preparing to add a pricing module in GunShop Software with additional information such as ‘Retail Price’, and calc functionality such as % markup from cost. Firearm ‘Selling Price’ and ‘Cost’ are currently entered during the acquisition of a firearm in GunShop Software. These can be changed  / managed by the “Admin” user (Activities / Arms Related / A&D Modify).  The sell price can also be altered at the point of sale. There is room for improvement in GS in the area of pricing and I would be thankful for any and all ideas from customers and others who have an interest.

My thinking so far is that I will add a module (Activities / Arms Related / Pricing) that displays a grid of “InStock” firearms. Here you could manage “Retail Price”, “Cost” , “%Markup, and “Sell Price” columns. As defaults, the Retail Price could be entered when adding the firearm to the Firearm Library. The %Markup could be entered somewhere else as a default – possibly as a Firearm Attribute (Activities / Arms Related / Firearm Attributes). Pistols, Rifles, etc could have a %Markup column added.

Please share any ideas you may have for such a module.