Things change. Change is a constant. Gun shops and firearm dealers need software that is flexible enough to adapt to these changes. GunShop Software has been designed as a multi-user application (but can be used single-user) with one computer in a network acting as an application server. Here lives common  procedures that each computer station uses to validate the data they plan to save to the database. As an example, when a sale is being made at the checkout counter (POS station), one rule is that the customer needs to have a full address, or a full name and valid FFL. This data is needed to fill in the disposition columns of the Acquisition & Disposition Records Report. This rule is enforced by the business rules in GunShop Software. Another rule may be that a serial number is required when making a trade that accompanies a sale. This set of rules is a layer that all sales transactions need to pass through.

A centrally located business rules procedure is highly adaptable. We can customize these rules to accommodate many locally specific circumstances. We can quickly make a change and distribute it to our customers in a timely manner that doesn’t interrupt their business flow. We can thus accommodate federal and state mandates that may change from time to time.

So rest assured that we have you covered when things change. Change is a constant