ATF Rule #2 – The system must have a reliable daily memory backup capability to protect the data from accidental deletion or other system failure.

GunShop Software is developed as a multi-user system. Some installations are single-user, some multi-user. The difference is important when doing backups of the database. Multi-user systems have several processes running while the database is serving clients (stations). These need to be shut down prior to backing up the database. The multi-user database installation can backup on-line, meaning that while the system is being used the database is backing up to another location on the same or another disk. If the optional on-line backup process is not used then the database servers have to be shut down, a backup preformed, and the database server restarted. With the single-user version, one only needs to backup the folder where the database is located. There are many options available for backing up GunShop Software, including to the cloud (another computer off-site).