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Gun Software record keeping, the ATF, and Rule #2 (memory backup)

ATF Rule #2 – The system must have a reliable daily memory backup capability to protect the data from accidental deletion or other system failure.

GunShop Software is developed as a multi-user system. Some installations are single-user, some multi-user. The difference is important when doing backups of the database. Multi-user systems have several processes running while the database is serving clients (stations). These need to be shut down prior to backing up the database. The multi-user database installation can backup on-line, meaning that while the system is being used the database is backing up to another location on the same or another disk. If the optional on-line backup process is not used then the database servers have to be shut down, a backup preformed, and the database server restarted. With the single-user version, one only needs to backup the folder where the database is located. There are many options available for backing up GunShop Software, including to the cloud (another computer off-site).


Gun Software record keeping, the ATF, and Rule #1 (data integrity)

1. All data entered into the computer system must be recorded into the database and cannot be capable of being edited or modified at a later date without generating an audit trail. The software system must retain any correction of errors as an entirely new entry, without deleting or modifying the original entry. The system may allow for entries in a notes column to explain any correction. 

GunShop Software uses its acquisition process to acquire firearms into its database. During the course of business the dealer can use the sales process to dispose of a firearm and print a receipt. At any time, the dealer can change any or all of the data elements of the A & D entry, but, cannot change the actual position of the entry in the A&D Records. As changes are made to any entry (Make, model, acquisition / disposition contact info, etc.) the original or precedent information is retained and available for audit reporting purposes.  


Managing Complexity with ease – GunShop Software

On the GunShop Software login screen it says “Managing Complexity with Ease”. With your purchase of GunShop Software, your business acquisitions and sales will be neatly packed into our enterprise class database.

GunShop Software business rules – because things change!

Things change. Change is a constant. Gun shops and firearm dealers need software that is flexible enough to adapt to these changes. GunShop Software has been designed as a multi-user application (but can be used single-user) with one computer in a network acting as an application server. Here lives common  procedures that each computer station uses to validate the data they plan to save to the database. As an example, when a sale is being made at the checkout counter (POS station), one rule is that the customer needs to have a full address, or a full name and valid FFL. This data is needed to fill in the disposition columns of the Acquisition & Disposition Records Report. This rule is enforced by the business rules in GunShop Software. Another rule may be that a serial number is required when making a trade that accompanies a sale. This set of rules is a layer that all sales transactions need to pass through.

A centrally located business rules procedure is highly adaptable. We can customize these rules to accommodate many locally specific circumstances. We can quickly make a change and distribute it to our customers in a timely manner that doesn’t interrupt their business flow. We can thus accommodate federal and state mandates that may change from time to time.

So rest assured that we have you covered when things change. Change is a constant

Stay strong and keep moving forward.

GunShop Software is a small business – just like yours. You and I seek financial independence and personal freedom and are risking everything to get it. When I make a firearm purchase I go to my local gun shop. They give me a fair price and I make my purchase. Here is your opportunity to do the same. We have a great product in GunShop Software. Our pricing is fair, and when you use our software to help manage your business, you can be confident we are partners in providing for your success.

We relieve you of the uncertainty and stress that accompanies a less organized system of managing acquisition and disposition records. Daily use of GunShop Software enforces federal (ATF) and state data collection and reporting rules. Think about all that energy you save when knowing your records are up to date and compliant with federal and state law. That energy may be the difference between the success or failure of your business. Bite the bullet and give us a call.

Stay strong and keep moving forward.


GunShop Software – Pricing of firearms

I am preparing to add a pricing module in GunShop Software with additional information such as ‘Retail Price’, and calc functionality such as % markup from cost. Firearm ‘Selling Price’ and ‘Cost’ are currently entered during the acquisition of a firearm in GunShop Software. These can be changed  / managed by the “Admin” user (Activities / Arms Related / A&D Modify).  The sell price can also be altered at the point of sale. There is room for improvement in GS in the area of pricing and I would be thankful for any and all ideas from customers and others who have an interest.

My thinking so far is that I will add a module (Activities / Arms Related / Pricing) that displays a grid of “InStock” firearms. Here you could manage “Retail Price”, “Cost” , “%Markup, and “Sell Price” columns. As defaults, the Retail Price could be entered when adding the firearm to the Firearm Library. The %Markup could be entered somewhere else as a default – possibly as a Firearm Attribute (Activities / Arms Related / Firearm Attributes). Pistols, Rifles, etc could have a %Markup column added.

Please share any ideas you may have for such a module.