GunShop Software Documentation

Logon to GS

An overview of the GunShop Software logon procedure

The Firearm Library

An overview the GunShop Software firearm library

Company Setup

How to setup your company information

Printer(s) Setup

GunShop Software report printers setup

Firearm Acquisition (Standard)

Bring vendor firearm acquisitions into GunShop Software

Arms Acquisition (Consignment)

Bring consignment firearm acquisitions into GunShop Software

Acquisition (Private)

Bring private acquisitions into GunShop Software

Reprint / Customize firearm Labels

Reprint / Customize firearm labels

Acquisition (Repair)

Bring firearm repair acquisitions into GunShop Software

Sell a Firearm

Selling a firearm and some ammunition in GunShop Software.

Firearm Layaway

Sell a firearm placed on Layaway

Sell a Repair

Sell a firearm repair in GunShop Software.

Cancel Firearm Layaway

Cancel a firearm sale placed on Layaway

Arms sale with Trade

Sales with a firearm in Trade (an acquisition).

Sales Receipt Re-Print & Customize Logo

Re-print and customize your sales receipts

Bound Book - Editing

Correcting bound book entries.


Bound Book - Editing

Correcting bound book entries (firearm description).


Print the A & D Records report (bound book)

Printing the bound book.


The amazing A&D Records Grid

Creating Layouts


The DayBook Report

Reporting Sales – The DayBook Report


How do I enter an out of state sale, shipped to an FFL?

Toward the end of the sales process for a firearm you can attach a ship-to contact to the sale. Before completing a sale, the ship-to contact, if an FFL (they are a contact with an FFL permit where the Expire Date is in the future), will become the Disposition information on your A&D Records Report. All sales reports will reflect a sale to your customer (the Sell-To information). See below.



When printing the bound book can I print only pages with changes?

Yes! After a while the A&D book, in its printed form, can be several dozen pages.  This can be a waste of paper when you need to re-print only a small subset of what is already printed. The solution is to only print pages where changes have occurred to the status of firearms on the page. See above – Printing The A & D Records report.

GunShop Software Non-firearm inventory

We refer to non-firearm inventory as simply “inventory” in Gunshop Software. It is best to add your inventory when you are confident that your counts are accurate. When adding an item to inventory, enter your Beginning Inventory quantity, your average cost, and your selling price. Quantities can subsequently be changed via the Inventory module and will be considered an adjustment transaction. Be sure to enter your average cost when creating an item. Further changes to average cost will only be allowed when you use the “Receive Inventory” module. Adjust quantity on hand to zero to delete an item.

Inventory value is managed throughout GunShop Software by the following transaction Types:

BeginningInventory – When you create a new item (enter qty-on-hand and cost data, as well as sell price)

InventoryAdj – Created when quantities are changed via the inventory module.

VendorReceipt – Using the Receive inventory module with quantities greater than zero (i.e. a purchase order receipt).

VendorCredit – Using the Receive Inventory module with quantities less than zero (i.e. a return to vendor).

CustSale – Selling inventory to a customer.

CustReturn – Using the sales module with negative quantities.

You can view a report of these transactions (Reports / Inventory Related / Inventory Valuation)

How to search inventory

Using the search features – GunShop Software inventory.


Printing non-firearm inventory labels

How to print non-firearm inventory labels (narrated – turn speakers up)