Using the Report Designer – Firearm Labels


In this tutorial we’ll look at how you can use the report designer to modify the GunShop Software default firearm label project. The report designer manual is on your hard drive (see image) and will be an indispensable resource as you move forward creating or modifying report projects. Alternatively, you can employ Stafford Software, Inc. to do some custom label and report work for you.


What we want to accomplish:


  1. Get familiar with the Report Designer documentation;
  2. Locate the default report project name and decide on a new name for our custom project;
  3. We need a firearm acquisition to work with – create one or use a previous acquisition;
  4. Select a firearm from the Acquisition & Disposition Report grid;
  5. In the Report Designer, save the default report project with our new project name (# 2);
  6. Make our modifications.

Click this image (left)

Note the name of the project file

Decide on a new name (LabelsArms2.LBL is good)

Don’t change anything yet

The Report Designer needs real data to work with.

During the normal course of business, you would print your firearm labels when completing an acquisition. In this short video  (click double arrow lower right in video) I’ve assembled an acquisition of some Colt and Smith & Wesson firearms and will proceed to complete the acquisition, which includes optionally printing the paperwork and labels for the newly acquired firearms.

This will be the source data for our tutorial. Skip this step if you already have a firearm acquisition to work with.

Select the firearm(s) to print labels for and bring up the Report Designer

In GunShop Software you can reprint firearm labels by bringing up the Acquisition & Disposition Report Grid and, using the filtering tools of the grid, select the firearms you are interested in printing labels for. In this short video  (click double arrow lower right in video) we will select the firearms and then, working in the Report Designer, save the default report project to our new project name (LabelsArms2.LBL).

Making changes to our default label format in the Report Designer

  • The first change I want to make is to the logo image. I’ll select a different image.
  • The second change is a simple change to a text field.
  • The third change is a bit more involved. I’ll add some “material” around the firearm sequence number to hide cost information for reference during price negotiations with customers.