Printing the A & D Records report (bound book)

Navigate to the “Print Bound Book” menu-item.

(1) Check this if you want to modify / customize the A&D Records report. Full documentation for the report designer is include with the GunShop Software installation.

(2) and (3) – If for any reason you want to limit the report parameters.

(4) You can set all pages as having been printed. Unless at some point you make a change to any of the A&D records on a particular page, it will not be printed again.

(5) You can set all pages as NOT having been printed. This results in printing the entire A&D Records report.

(6) When saving paper and money is not an issue you can print a version of the A&D Records report where we include as many entries on a page as possible.

Choosing any of the Print buttons will result in the following dialog where you can choose an output format / device.