Gun Shop Software for firearm dealers

GunShop Software is POS (point of sale) software. Everything our software does is designed to responsibly manage the acquisition and disposition of firearms for the FFL. We bring it all together in an easy-to-use, customer facing, receipt printing, sales report producing, FFL dealer dream-come-true process. Scroll down for more…

We manage it all (firearm sales, FFL bound book, firearm library)
  • NOT cloud based (ATF mandate)
  • Print Forms 4473 & 3310 directly from GunShop Software
  • Can attach Ship-To FFL on sales (disposition info on the A&D Report)
  • Keep digital bound book (Acquisition & Disposition Report)
  • Great Sales Reports by date range (Trades, Tax, Totals, etc)
  • Non-firearm items taxable by item category / discounts by line item
  • Print 8.5 x 11″ receipts (firearms) and small receipts (non-firearm)
  • Print bar-code labels / firearm product labels
  • Powerful end-user report designer included (customize reports)
  • Powerful contact management (search notes, name, address, etc.)
  • Stores your data in a fast, dependable enterprise class database
  • Easy to learn and a joy to use

GunShop Software is truly the backbone of my business and an essential component in making gun sales fast and efficient. I have found it to be very easy to understand and operate.


A typical GunShop Software firearm acquisition!

 This acquisition added six firearms (Armalite, Colt, Mossberg) to the GunShop Software database. Using the top menu bar we attached a vendor (F5 – Search Contact) and pressed the (F10 – Complete Acquisition) button.

Acquisition Paperwork! This is an optional report for those who like to have a paper copy. Scroll down to see Product Labels.

Product Labels for our acquired firearms! You can customize labels and reports in GunShop Software. We hand you a default format such as you see here. Full documentation for the report designer is included.

Play this short video clip showing our awesome A & D Report Grid which includes the six firearms we just acquired. Pause the video to examine the columns more closely.  

A typical GunShop Software Sale!

We hope all your sales are like this one. 

This is the customer information screen. We can auto-fill most of this information by scanning the back of a drivers license. 

Take the pain out of filling this form by hand.

This receipt looks great printed on an 8.5 x 11″ sheet from a laser printer.

The A&D Records are automatically updated on sale completion.

The GunShop Software “DayBook” sales report.

Can I scan our customer's drivers license?

Yes. We can suggest a scanner that we have programmed to fill in the customer information in GunShop Software when you scan the 2d barcode on the back of a driver’s license.

Can I process a layaway?

Yes. Your firearms will acquire a status of “Allocated” rather than “InStock”.

Can I do consignment tracking?

Yes. Consignments are special acquisitions to the bound book. A consignment receipt will print out after the acquisition, and when the firearm sells, a consignment paperwork report prints.

Do you help with processing the F4473 ?

Yes, we auto-fill sections A, B/C, & D and give you the option to print the forms directly from GunShop Software.

Can I go multi-user!

Yes. GunShop Software has been designed with some very robust infrastructure features and technologies.

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